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As part of Viola Communications, Viola Outdoor has been instrumental in transforming the advertising landscape of the UAE through a range of high-tech digital innovations, smart re-development and strategic partnerships. VOOH is a leading player in the OOH sector, known for its portfolio of high-impact, innovative, and strategic advertising solutions.

Our mission is to connect brands with consumers in meaningful and memorable ways through our extensive network of full-funnel outdoor media assets.



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Jul, 11, 2024

A bridge between awareness and conversion, out of home advertising drives traffic to physical and digital touchpoints, whether prompting consumers to visit a store, attend an event, or engage with social media, OOH acts as a catalyst for action. Its ability to reach consumers in the moments that matter most—when they're on the go, in transit, or out exploring—makes it an invaluable tool for driving footfall and conversions.

Jul, 01, 2024
OOH increasing appeal for luxury brands

OOH offers a significant complement to brand marketing by providing a tangible and immersive experience that cuts through and resonates with consumers on a personal level. Even more so when it is designed to appeal to affluent consumers who follow luxury trends.

Jun, 25, 2024

OOH is known for being particularly effective at delivering top-of-funnel (TOFU) because of its broad reach, contextually relevant targeting at scale, delivery of high frequency and ability to cut through and capture attention in high-traffic areas

Jun, 10, 2024
World Out of Home Congress 2024: A Focus on Data, Innovation and Sustainability

The World Out of Home Organization (WOO) held its annual Global Congress in Hong Kong from June 5th to 7th, 2024, with this year’s event highlighting the recent significant growth and innovation in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising sector worldwide

May, 19, 2024

In the buzzing metropolitan cities of the United Arab Emirates, where innovation and tradition intersect, OOH has evolved into the boldest of platforms for brand visibility and engagement. In a country where most places tell a story of luxury and innovation, OOH goes beyond traditional advertising methods to capture the imagination and create lasting brand experiences.

May, 06, 2024

In today's digitally dominated marketing landscape, where every click and scroll can be meticulously tracked and analyzed, it's easy to overlook the tangible power of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. But, amidst the sea of digital noise, OOH cuts through, guiding consumers along their journey from brand awareness to conversion. Its role in the marketing plan is more crucial than ever, offering unique opportunities to engage audiences wherever they are.

Apr, 22, 2024
Viola Outdoor expands its reach to Dubai through the first pan-Emirate network in the region

Viola Outdoor, part of Viola Communications, the leading OOH media owner with its decades long exclusivity across the UAE Capital, has announced the first pan-Emirate bridge banner network with the award of a contract from the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Mar, 06, 2024

Viola Communications, a leading marcomms solutions provider in the MENA region, has entered into a 10-year strategic partnership with ADNOC to utilize outdoor media leasing spaces for advertising in the capital and enhance ADNOC's brand visibility in Al Dhanna city.

Feb, 26, 2024
Viola Outdoor launches iconic digital rooftop media platform in Abu Dhabi

Viola Outdoor, the UAE’s largest out-of-home cross-platform network and a division of Abu Dhabi-based media communication leaders Viola Communications, has launched the capital’s latest digital OOH innovation, D.Toplight, in a prime location at the capital’s central downtown hub

Dec, 01, 2023
Viola Outdoor’s Progressive Digital Transformation Launches on National Day 2023 to Honour the UAE’s 52nd Union Day

Viola Outdoor, a division of Viola Communications and the leading provider of out-of-home cross-platform media solutions in Abu Dhabi, is utilizing space on its digital media assets, from bridge-banners and taxi-tops to the brand new digital totems and digital hoardings introduced across the city this week, to provide a city-wide platform of celebration for the United Arab Emirates as it marks its 52nd National Day on December 2nd.

Nov, 20, 2023
Viola “With You”: advancing an open and supportive corporate culture – Ammar Sharaf, Founder and CEO, Viola Communications

At Viola, we are committed to our efforts to continue contributing to the UAE’s economic growth, enabling the process of digital transformation and helping to achieve sustainable goals. The company has grown and matured alongside the outstanding evolution of the UAE capital, and in that time, we have always been advocates for the development of the region’s expanding marketing and communications sector, staying ahead of the curve by harnessing the creative impulses embedded in our DNA.

Nov, 09, 2023
OOH Industry Snapshot: Viola Comms’ Ammar Sharaf – Ammar Sharaf

Marketers now demand data as a standard to understand ever-evolving consumer habits and movement patterns

Oct, 12, 2023
MENA Power List 2023: Seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges – Ammar Sharaf

The marcomms landscape in the Middle East is really dynamic right now, and it seems that every day there are opportunities arising for those who possess both the foresight to spot them and the courage to seize them.

Jun, 07, 2023
Viola Outdoor launches taxi-top digital media screens – Campaign Middle East

Viola Outdoor, a division of Viola Communications, the Abu Dhabi-based media communications specialists, has announced the launch of an innovative leap in the DOOH media arena in a joint venture with Firefly, mobile marketing media solution provider.

Feb, 15, 2023

Viola Communications’ OOH division announces membership of World Out of Home Organization, enhancing global presence among professional organizations

Nov, 15, 2022
OOH Industry Snapshot – Viola’s Ammar Sharaf

At Viola, we have seen a dynamic shift in client thinking brought about by new technology in OOH, in a move away from location buying towards audience-based buying. With improved technology, we can develop marketing strategies that use more precise data to influence audiences at several points in their consumer journey. For example, digitally enabled OOH media uses accurate mobile data to recognise how audiences view the content, giving each location more precise parameters to increase targeting accuracy.

Nov, 09, 2022
OOH GUIDE 2022: RADICAL EVOLUTION – by Viola’s Ammar Sharaf

There are hundreds of steps that go into the planning and buying of any given outdoor campaign, and to a certain extent those steps have historically been rather inefficient, for example in the way parties share information. However, OOH is currently undergoing a radical evolution, underpinned by the digital transformation taking place throughout the industry, which will dramatically change the way we look at, and benefit from, the process

Sep, 09, 2022
Viola Outdoor appoints Henrietta Shakespeare as executive growth director – by Henrietta Shakespeare

Ammar Sharaf, CEO of Viola Communications, the MENA-based marketing and communications solutions provider, has appointed Henrietta Shakespeare as executive growth director of its OOH division.

Jun, 07, 2022
Beyond transformational – by Viola Communication’s Ammar Sharaf

The digitalisation of our industry is now an accepted reality. However, calling it ‘transformational’ does an injustice to the processes that have been completely revolutionised to get us to this point. Technological advances are taking place at an incredible rate and amazing innovations are making a huge difference to how we, as the marketing interface between companies and their clients, can exploit this new technology to have a far-reaching effect. Let’s face it, we would be guilty of sleeping on the job if we failed to recognise, or at least investigate, the tremendous opportunities that digitalisation can bring to the table.

May, 09, 2022
Signs of the future – by Viola Outdoor’s Ammar Sharaf

As Viola Outdoor upgrades its static properties to state-of-the-art digital, CEO Ammar Sharaf explains what DOOH means for his clients, the public and the UAE’s capital.

Mar, 16, 2022
Viola Communications to launch new digital out-of-home media In Abu Dhabi – Viola's digital transformation to take place in phases and be completed within the next two years.

Viola Communications, one of the largest communications companies in Abu Dhabi, is introducing a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform offering a new and dynamic option for companies wanting to roll out marketing campaigns in the UAE capital. The transformation will be happening through phases and completed within the next two years, however, selected locations will be activated and ready to advertise by Q3 2022.


At Viola, we focus our efforts on having a positive impact within all the communities and environments we work in. As key operators in urban infrastructure, we acknowledge our responsibility to help protect the environment and minimize pollution wherever possible and pledge to be more sustainable across all our activities, not only for the future of our business, but for the future of the planet.

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