Viola “With You”: advancing an open and supportive corporate culture
Ammar Sharaf, Founder and CEO, Viola Communications

At Viola, we are committed to our efforts to continue contributing to the UAE’s economic growth, enabling the process of digital transformation and helping to achieve sustainable goals. The company has grown and matured alongside the outstanding evolution of the UAE capital, and in that time, we have always been advocates for the development of the region’s expanding marketing and communications sector, staying ahead of the curve by harnessing the creative impulses embedded in our DNA.

But what we achieve on behalf of our clients is only half of the story. Our successes are built on the foundations of an awareness of our responsibilities – not just to our clients, but also to our employees, colleagues, partners, the environment and future generations.

Recently, we introduced Viola’s "With You" initiative, highlighting our dedication to being more community minded and showing a commitment to a more sustainable future. The initiative revolves around four key pillars: building a strong team culture, ensuring we have a positive social impact, raising awareness and increasing sustainability, while ensuring stakeholder inclusivity and engagement. The Viola "With You" initiative is our recognition of an obligation to be part of the movement to drive positive change and create a better future.

We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the community through solid initiatives that support different communities. This year, we have already conducted comprehensive internship programs and donated time and space on our outdoor digital media assets, digital bridge banners and taxi tops for raising awareness in important issues or celebrating and supporting community messages, allowing us to be part of the change we wish to see.

Environmental responsibility is not just a slogan for us, it's a moral duty, one we accept with grace and determination. With initiatives like "Viola says No to Plastic," and reducing waste through the adoption of an administered recycling program, we are contributing and making a difference in preserving our environment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are firmly embedded in our culture. We believe that our differences add more power, innovation, creativity and versatility to the projects we design for our clients, who themselves come from a wide range of industries, and add meaning and motivation to our very diverse and inclusive workplace.

The Viola "With You" initiative makes us proud to be part of an open and supportive culture that creates positive changes in our surroundings and helps achieve the UAE’s vision of a better tomorrow.

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