Viola Communications to launch new digital out-of-home media In Abu Dhabi
Viola's digital transformation to take place in phases and be completed within the next two years.

Viola Communications, one of the largest communications companies in Abu Dhabi, is introducing a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform offering a new and dynamic option for companies wanting to roll out marketing campaigns in the UAE capital. The transformation will be happening through phases and completed within the next two years, however, selected locations will be activated and ready to advertise by Q3 2022. Viola Communications enjoys exclusive rights to the majority of outdoor advertising spaces in Abu Dhabi, including lampposts, bridge banners and bus wrapping. Under its digitalisation plan, the company will introduce, over a phased approach, its DOOH platform which includes Digital Totems, Digital Bridge Banners as well as other digital outdoor public notices, while the current traditional ‘out-of-home’ (OOH) network is to be strategically relocated to create more targeted circuits across the emirate. The move offers brands greater choice in creative executions of their marketing campaigns. DOOH advertising is quicker and easier to implement, and can be adjusted remotely and through automation, allowing convenient creative swaps and adaptation. Digital advertising offers hyper-targeting, as well as reporting on impression-level data by placement within a geographic area. The new media means will also be utilized for quick government announcements and will engage pedestrians in key locations. Established in 2001, Viola Communications has grown into one of the largest fully integrated marketing and communications companies in Abu Dhabi, with branches in Dubai and Cairo. The company offers a wide range of services including events, advertising, planning consultancy, outdoor media, production, and public relations. How can OOH be better integrated into other brand communication channels? Primarily, I think it is vital to get a greater understanding of how OOH complements and augments other marketing. When we look at omni-channel strategies, social, search, CTV and mobile all target in-home and at-work consumers. Bringing OOH into the mix bridges the gap between audiences’ on- and off-line journey. Awareness is definitely key, and now with digital Out of Home, it has never been easier to demonstrate how our medium can help ‘close-the-loop’.

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