Who we are

Viola Outdoor is the leading provider of out-of-home (OOH) advertising media space in Abu Dhabi and offers its clients a one-stop communications solution.

Viola Outdoor has exclusive access to the majority of outdoor advertising spaces with Viola Skylight bridge banners, Viola Spotlight lamp posts and Viola Bussight bus wrapping in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Viola Outdoor ensures optimal exposure, wide reach and enables brands to engage with people when they are out and about. Whether creating awareness in a specific neighborhood, the entire city or across the busiest highways, we provide the right exposure for your brand that delivers results and maximizes our client’s return on investment.

Our Approach

Our core values – quality, commitment and vision – are the foundations of our work.

Our commitment to the highest standards makes us your reliable partner for your advertising campaigns.

Our highly experienced, client-oriented and skilled client servicing team will assist you from planning to execution of your campaigns.

With our strategy of catering to small, medium and large businesses, and in keeping with the cutting-edge standards of Viola, our media allows you to communicate with your target audience in the most visible, dominant, and cost effective way possible.


Superior consultancy is our primary objective.

Our experienced consultancy team will provide any needed support starting from selecting the right bus routes, and circuits in addition to bridge banner locations for the best possible campaign outcome.

As a part of their consultancy approach, they will share location details in the campaign planning phase and organize a site visit in order to provide a real-life picture of any proposed location, if requested.

Viola Benefits

Our core values – quality, commitment and vision – are the foundations of our work.
  • More than 12 years of experience in the Abu Dhabi out-of-home advertising business
  • Long-term and exclusive partnership agreement with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi until 2022
  • Unrivalled prime locations in on-and off-island areas of the capital to target any audience
  • Highly experienced operations and client servicing team
  • Sophisticated, fully automated booking and quality-assurance system
  • Strict quality control that includes maintenance and cleaning to ensure perfect appearance
  • Independent 3rd party traffic counts
  • Regular circulation of updates on circuits

Quality Control

All our advertising signs have been manufactured using the latest technology,according to rigid and demanding specifications.

The Viola Outdoor operations department manages and coordinates the installation and removal of campaign displays. This work is carried out by our dedicated and well-trained installation and maintenance teams.

We constantly strive to improve standards in all of our activities and we have developed a QR-Code based quality-assurance system. This system renders field activities – including proof of installation, maintenance, cleaning and repair – creating a full track record, allowing potentials for improvement to be identified. At the heart is a management system that lists all outdoor facilities. The system collects and evaluates comprehensive data concerning these facilities. It also features details and dates for booked advertising campaigns.

All sites are checked to make sure they meet our clearly defined quality control measures, and these are also under continuous scrutiny by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi.

The result of our maintenance efforts is that our products are always in mint condition providing a top environment for your brand messages.